About Ritch

After serving as a technology executive on Wall Street, where he had pioneered many of the technologies in use today, Ritch left the business world and in pursuit of his right brain.  

He has explored several avenues that that had been on his lifetime to-do list including filmmaking, writing and painting.   The combination of the story, the creative dialogue and the visual aspects of film, attracted him and he has written screenplays and produced and directed short films.  He has several feature scripts in the oven.

Ritch has written several books; Dutching the Book was written from the heart as Ritch knew many of the characters depicted in this quasi-fiction story. It is about the depth of friendship that only comes with lifelong friends-each a unique and interesting character threaded together by an adventure that is based more on reality than fiction.

His first two books, Tweet, and Points, Women Have Them, Men Need Them, are delivered through the voice of Glebe, Ritch's quirky alter ego. They deal with subjects that frustrate each of us everyday: Glebe exposes them and then tackles them in a funny but truthful way. The writing and story just flows when Glebe takes over. His effervescent mind and strange perspectives on day to day issues, sometimes reveal the obvious in a new way. 

Ritch shares: "Glebe always surprises me; I always marvel at his reactions and insights. When I laugh as I'm writing, I know I mined something worthwhile. Sometimes I can't wait to see what he comes up with next."

Ritch has appeared on national radio and  television (including The Today Show). He has also written articles for several magazines including Private Wealth magazine,  Balance, Best Life and Tango.

Ritch on the Today Show with Joan Rivers

Ritch is also a recognized artist  - specializes in his interpretation of the American West. His oil paintings capture the spirit of the west; the freedom of the horse or the destiny of the Native American Culture. He has won the people's choice award at the American Plains Artists and exhibits in  in galleries thorughout the country and museums including the: 

  • International Museum of the Horse,
  • The Gilcrease Museum,
  • The American QuarterHorse Association Museum,
  • The Great Plains Art Museum, and
  • The Ellen Noel Museum

His paintings may be viewed on  http://www.Gaiti.com

For fun, Ritch is a licensed pilot and enjoys tennis and skiing.